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Item Description:Price Each:$140.00Shipping:$25.00
Item pic
Item pic
Maple neck-through guitar neck w/o fretboard
Build your own neck-through solidbody guitar. Neck-through guitars have better sustain than bolt-on or set neck guitars, and you can shape the neck heel so it's not in your way. Building a neck is the hardest part of building a guitar. I've done some of the work for you. All you need to do is add a fretboard, body wings, shape the headstock, rout the body for electronics, and put it together. I build these necks to work with either Tune-O-Matic or Fender type bridges. I need to know which style bridge you are using when ordering.

Total length is approximately 41". Neck is 1-3/4 wide, 5/8" deep at nut. Body is 1-3/4 thick, 2 13/16 wide x approximately 15 long past end of fretboard. Total headstock is 2 - 3/4" wide x 8 long. Neck is a bit oversize so you can custom shape it to your liking.

One change I have made to my necks is a shallower neck angle on headstocks. More like a PRS, but I can still build them the old way.

* 2-way adjustable truss rod
* unshaped headstock so you can design your own custom shape
* slightly oversized neck profile for shaping your own custom neck shape

As with all wood products, there may be some blemishes in the wood, this is natural.
Hand-made from a single piece of hard Maple, neck is kiln dried.

Also includes basic instructions for building a guitar. Requires some woodworking experience and basic knowledge of guitars to build. Does not include any hardware(pickups, tuners, switches, etc). Please contact me with any questions or if you need to see additional pictures.

I can add a rosewood or ebony fretboard, install frets, or I can also finish the headstock and other small items. Here are some prices:
Ebony fretboard 55.00
Rosewood fretboard 40.00
Install fretboard 25.00
Marker dots 15.00
Install/finish frets 90.00
Up to 24 frets, fretboard prices are for 24.562", 25" or 25.5" scales only.
E-mail me for more details.

Payment must be made through paypal before I start any custom work(such as a longer headstock or leave the neck larger, etc.), and sorry, but I can't always accept returns on customized items.

I don't keep these on hand anymore, I only to build to order. Please email me for details
Options: Tune-O-Matic or Fender type bridges
Add fretboard, frets, etc. email me for details.
For more info, or to combine shipping:

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