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Item Description:Price Each:$19.99Shipping:$5.00
Item pic Item pic Item pic Locking Machine Heads

High quality locking machine heads made in Korea - Chrome
These tuners are similar to the Grover Self-Lock Rotomatics machine heads, which give you the ease of use provided by a standard tuner and the positive locking of an internal cam post. Simply insert the string through the string hole, pull to tension by hand and begin tuning. As you start to tune, only the locking cam in the string post turns. Once the string is locked, the string post begins to turn allowing you to bring the string to pitch. In less than one revolution of the string post, you will be in tune.

Comes with washers, nuts, and mounting screws(not pictured). I have these on a couple of my guitars, and they are as solid as any tuner I have used.

When changing strings, to remove the old strings, all you need to do is cut the strings and it will relieve the tension, which will allow the locking cam to be turned easily, then just pull the string end out of the hole.

Gear ratio is 15:1

The holes for the machine heads need to be 25/64" or .391"

6 inline or 3 x 3

Item pic
Options: 6 inline or 3 x 3
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