Chambered Guitar II

Here is my 2nd attempt at building a chambered guitar. Here is one if the wings laid out on a piece of tiger maple.
Here is the pattern for the other wing..
  Here is one of the wings while I'm drilling the holes.

Here is the neck with the chambers drilled through. I left the wood solid in the area of the bridge/tailpiece.
Here is a trick to mark the fretboard.  It's hard to see pencil lines on a dark fretboard, so I used blue painter's tape instead.  Just cut on the outside of the tape.
In this pic I'm removing wood on the fretboard support, around the fretboard. Just use a chisel to score the wood...
Then use the chisel from the side to remove the excess wood.  In the hole for the humbucker you can see a chamber going sideways through the neck. 

On this guitar, only side dots are installed. These side dots are 1/16" plastic. Just drill a 1/16" hole, super glue them in, then cut them off flush.
Here is the guitar after staining the top and front of the headstock. Note the fretboard, no markers visible.  Again, you can also see the chambers in the middle of the pickup holes.

Here is the completed guitar.

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