Chambered Guitar Project

I wanted to build a guitar that was a bit lighter than a standard solidbody guitar, but
would still be a solid piece of lumber. I wanted to have the sustain of a neck-though,
and the resonance of a semi-hollow body, well close anyway. Here's shot of the rough
pieces that go into making the guitar. The neck is hard rock maple, the wings are Black Walnut.

I started by drilling inch holes through the end of the neck through neck blank.
I had to drill them halfway, then turn the wood over and drill them from the other side.
I was amazed that They lined up almost perfectly.
Next, I drilled holes part-way into the body "wings" being very careful not to drill to deep.
I also measured carefully so the holes would line up with the holes in the neck.

Here is the side of the neck early in the shaping process for the heel.
I drew a line where the heel ends and the body begins to help me shape it.
Note the piece of cardboard protecting the wood from the clamp.

Here is a pic of the headstock with one side clamped. 
I already have the other side glued.  Note the blocks sticking out the side of the headstock.
The pattern for the headstock was wider the the wood.

Here is the headstock after the veneer is on and the shape is cut out and sanded.
After the wings were glued on, I made a control cavity template.
Here is the template clamped to the guitar. I had to leave room for the router,
so I used another neck as a spacer.
Here is the front of the guitar after the veneer is on, and the routing
is done for the humbuckers. You can see the maple neck-through section in the pickup holes.
Here I'm laying out the components, just to see what things look like.
There is a stained piece of veneer on the top to help me visualize what the guitar will look like.
I stained several pieces using different stains, and found the one I think looks best.
Here is the guitar after staining the top. The grain "pops out" nicely.
I have the fretboard masked off, ready for sealer.
I'm installing hardware in this pic.
Here's the finished guitar, Front...
And a closeup of the headstock.

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