Black Walnut Guitar Project

It started with a block of wood, squared up as best I could(no jointer then),
and I cut the angle for the headstock, and body, and glued on
a piece to support the fretboard. Here's a couple of pics:

The silver was my attempt to mark the center line with a silver marker
so it would show up on the dark wood. It didn't work very well.
Next, I routed the truss rod slot, and opened a hole
in the headstock for the adjustment nut. I used a dremel to
rout the slot(not a good idea - use a real router)
There is a crack in the wood on the headstock I would later have to
fix. The marks are where the nut will be.

Here is the side of the headstock after cutting out the shape
of the neck. The marks are where the nut will be.
This is a shot of the body, there is a flaw in the
wood near the body/neck joint. I later removed enough wood
that it was no longer an issue.

Here the rosewood fretboard is glued to the body. This
is the minimum number of clamps I would recommend using.  Since this pic was taken, I have discontinued using these type of clamps, and started using mini bar clamps instead.
I glued and clamped one wing at a time on the neck, it's
OK to do both at once.

Here is the front of the guitar after the wings are glued
on, and the rough body shape is cut out. Still a long way to go.
Closeup of the headstock. You can see the teflon tape
around the truss rod. Also, I tried to repair the crack with glue and wood chips.
I would later cut it out, and replace a piece on the headstock.

The control cavity routed.
The pickup cavities routed. I used a 12" long 3/16"
drill bit to drill the connecting holes.
Make sure you drill a hole to run a ground wire to the bridge.

Finished guitar.

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