Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar. Here's shot of the rough
pieces that go into making the guitar. The neck is hard rock maple, and the wings are walnut with tiger maple top.

Here are the 1/4" maple tops glued on the wings.  I have rounded the corners using a router. 
Here is how everything fits together.  
Here is a side view of the lower horn.  You can see where the maple top has been shaped by the router.
Here is a pic of the headstock before laying out the pattern.  On the top of the neck, you can see the 3/16" Oak spacer that was used on this neck.  The neck blank was actually cut too thin by mistake, and I used the Oak piece to make the neck deep enough for the truss rod.  Also, this guitar does not have a neck angle.  clearance for the bridge is provided by the spacer.


Here is the front of the body before sanding and staining.
Here is the back of the body before any routing is done.

I taped off the body in the middle section because I don't want stain there, just the wings will be stained.
This is the front of the bass guitar with the routing and staining done.  I made my own templates for the pickups.  The pickups are the same as the pickups for a Fender jazz bass.  The pickups are actually different sizes (the neck pickup is narrower), so you  need to make a template for each one. 

I used a piece of PVC pipe to make the bushing bigger for routing the control cavity.  The reason I did this is so I could remove the PVC pipe, and use the same template/bushing to rout the groove for the control cavity cover.  See next pic.  
Here you can see the groove for the control cavity cover.  The hole in the upper right is for the ground wire to the bridge,  the other holes in the walnut are for the pickup wires.  I use a very long about 3/16" bit to drill the holes.  the other holes in the maple are for the controls and output jack.  I'm only using 2 volume and no controls.  I may add tone controls later if needed.  There is plenty of room in the control cavity. 

The plain maple headstock didn't look too fancy, so I added a tiger maple cap, stained to match the body wings.
Here's the guitar before final sanding and finishing.

Finished guitar.

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